Bicheno Blowhole

The geyser erupts with varying force and the water makes different shapes with every surge of the ocean. It can also blow with great force even when the ocean is relatively calm so never turn your back on the blowhole. But the most magnificent and dangerous eruptions take place when the ocean is angry. No matter when you visit, take a picnic and spend some time near this curious and playful geological formation before heading to one of Bicheno's picturesque white sandy beaches.

Bicheno Blow Hole

Mel Shell Oyster Shack

A Sand peninsular split with the Swan River on its north side and Great Oyster Bay on the South side. Dolphin Sands is a paradise for bird lovers, fishing enthusiasts, shell collectors and beach lovers. The jetty and boat ramp are popular at Yellow Sandbanks when pelicans come in to feed from local fisherman. The river mouth is popular for surfers when the swell is good. The nine miles of golden sand is popular all year round for wandering amongst drift wood and shells. Boat charters are available from Yellow Sandbanks and Bike Hire is available from Swansea. There are many Air BnB options to stay at Dolphin Sands and self contained camping is permitted.

Mell Shell Oysters